Solar Eclipse 2008

Solar Eclipse 2008 / Surya Grahan 2008 - Another time for Indian acncient believer that some thing bad is going to happen and all news channel of India started to broadcast as per the Indian astrology. As per them Solar Eclipse 2008/Surya Grahan 2008 is going to happen in August and August is the 8th month of year. Many Indian astrologer and pandit believe that 8 is not the good sign for anything and that also 8th of 2008 is very bad for whole earth.

8 is the symbol of Sani which always bring some loss to the environment and to the person with whom this attached. This Solar Eclipse 2008/Surya Grahan 2008 is also seeing in this manner.

In India almost everyone will avoid to take food during the Solar Eclipse 2008/Surya Grahan 2008 and will take bath (at home or may be in holy river) to make themselves pure again. Many also believe that during the Solar Eclipse pregnant woman should come in the light of Sun otherwise baby born with some deficiency.

After Solar Eclipse many person also believe in charity as this one is also source to make themselves pure from all sin.

I am a simple guy who do not know the effect of Solar Eclipse 2008 with the purview of either Astrology or science. But yeah this much I know that Evil have Dark colour...


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