Anju Bobby George - Another dream broken

Anju Bobby George failed to qualify for the final and once again another dream shattered and broken. She was also one of the most strong contender for the medal but she ended with three foul jump.

I know this is really disappointed for her as athelet's professional life is very short and new players always ready to give tough competition.

Our expectation is going down one after another and we are not able to do anything ... Its really surprising that when India won the Twenty 20 world cup we saw some beautiful sky crackers and people celebrating on their terrace but when Bindra won the first ever Individual gold medal there were no crackers no party not congratulating each other.

Now we have to change our mind set and think about it. Americans are crazy about baseball, basketball and American Football but inspite of that they are leaving their marks which are impossible to remove.

Indian governement and Indian Olympic Association should think about it ...

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