Big Boss 2 - Some Shocking Guests

If you will see the members of Big Boss 2 than you will find some shocking name … may be they include them to shock us as well such as …

1) Rahul Mahajan – Took cocaine when he was to his way to Assam to immerse the ashes of his father in the Brahmaputra. One close staff of Pramod Mahajn died when they took drug. Got jailed on the ground of consumption and possession of cocaine and than married to a girl who stand beside him in his rough patch … some time later his wife told to press than Rahul Mahajan beat her and finally she divorced him. Interesting isn’t ??

2) Monica Bedi – Ex Girl friend or may be wife of most wanted person (now in Jail) of India … earlier actress (do not remember any name of her movie though) … got jailed and now land to Big Boss House to clear the people thinking ( I do not know what she is going to clear here)

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