Movie on Hansie to be release on 24th September

Frans Cronje brother of Hansie Cronje told that movie on the life of Hansie Cronje is ready and will be release on 24th September in Africa. Hansie picturised in South Africa, England and India. According to Frans, Hansie broke down when he accepted his part in match fixing in front of King Commission enquiry. At that time with Hansie’s father and Frans were also crying for him. That was really tough periods for the Cronje family. Shooting this scene was really painful for Frans as he have to live again in that pain again

Frans had tough period when American base company withdraw his name for the financer but with the help of some capable businessman this movie now completed. Francois Rautenbach, A South African will play the role of Hansie Cronje. Both Cricket South Africa and International Cricket Council give the positive node for this movie. Other Cricket Star like Allan Donald, Jonty Rhodes will also play the role in this movie.

Hansie Cronje was the most impressive captain of his era and he always played cricket with his mind and remaining very calm even in crunch situation. Every Cricket fan and cricket world shocked when they heard Hansie involvement in match fixing in 2000 years. He got the respect as best captain from all around the world. Peter Pollock played an important role in the life of Hansie as he give him the strength to live after this but in 2002 Hansie Cronje died in a cargo plane crash in 2002.

I am really looking forward for this movie. Honestly speaking I am still respect Hansie Cronje. I do not know what was the reasons because of which he get involved in match fixing (which was not at all acceptable) but however my heart respect him …

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