If you believe in God than you must believe in ghost or evil. If you believe in positive energy than you must believe in negative energy as well. Phoonk movie is also revealing these kinds of facts and telling us that evil do exist. Ram Gopal Verma is saying that Phoonk is scarier one than Bhooth and this one is his second favorite theme (after underworld).

Phoonk is most awaited movie and Ram Gopal Verma warned the audience that Phoonk is really going to be a big scary movie and you should watch Phoonk at your own risk. I do not know but Indian Horror movies are always comedy movies for me (If I watch on day time not at night, at night I even scare to touch those DVDs lollzzz).

Title of Phoonk is short one but in India this word represents many kind of evils … as some one also called hawa lag gayi (that means evil catch him/her) similarly Phoonk is also representing that kind of meaning. I am sure that Ram Gopal Verma is going to use some colour special effects, Music and expression less acting.

Phoonk movie is all about a family of Atheist whose beliefs shattered when he saw that his close ones are tortured and captured by some evil power. I saw the trailer of this movie where a woman cooking in kitchen and the way her hand shadow is showing that is just the beginning of Scary movie and than a crow is watching girl. This is true when you know that scare scene is going to come than those acts and motion really looking like as scary one.

Promo of Phoonk movie says - A BLACK MAGIC STORY. We heard these kind of words from an aunty in our childhood and mom always said us do not go to their homes. Now I want to see this movie to get the answers which I did not get when I was kid …

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  1. i saw da whole movie..and i didnt found anything me!!


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