Ugly aur Pagli Review

Today Mallika Sherawat is going to kiss Ranvir Shorey. So all thing is set and Mallika Sherawat is going to kiss Ranvir Shorey but after 99 slaps. Today Ugly and Pagli is going to release all over India and all the fan of Mallika is ready to go to theatres

This is the story of a brat girl and shy guy and at last shy guy got the most awaited prize. I really love those scenes where Mallika Sherawat slapping Ranvir but till date in no trailer show the KISSING scene. To watch that kissing scene I think I have to invest 500 bucks for movie ticket, pop corn and cold drink.

But as per my friend (who watched it and called me) ... Ranvir is the at his best in his movies and this is because of his loosing body language and innocence way of speaking. Ranvir really performed a great role as slave (seems to me that he played his real character lollzzz) and Mallika was fantastic where she want to command and SLAP !!!

But I think chemistry between Mallika and Ranvir is just perfect although story are lacking somewhere.

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