Vijender Kumar - Most Important day for his life

Vijender Kumar knows that today is the most important day of his life. Whole India and Bollywood Divas are cheering for him. But with that Vijender Kumar also knows that todays fight is going to be the toughest fight of this olympic and if he pass this fight than the chances of winning gold will be very high.

Latest buzz for the Vijender Kumar is Bipasha committed that if Vijender will bring gold medal to India than she will go on a date with Vijender Kumar. Vijender Kumar is also happy for this and now he have one more reason to win this gold medal and that is Bengali Diva Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha Basu added "I have heard that he is a great fan of mine and I promise that I will go out on a date with him if he brings gold for India," Bipasha told Aaj Tak.

So far the journey of Vijender Kumar in this Beijing Olympic was easy one. He beat all his opponent with great margin almost half. But today he is going to fight with Emilio Correa Veyeux, Jr. of Cuba. Emilio Correa Veyeux, Jr. is also a gold medalist in Pan American Games 2007

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