Our Home Minister was sounding like news reader

When I heard that another serial blast took place in our country all those photos which I have seen in last bomb blast (Jaipur) flashed in my memory. Blood spreaded, dead bodies, injured people covering their injuries and all.

So while taking dinner I set the TV at a news channel and I saw our home minister respected Shivraj Patil was talking to the media. He started his speech like "Six bomb blast took place ... this and that .... " means he was not at all looking like as and sounding like as home minister. To me his speech was like a news reader to me and giving us the details of bomb blasts ... details which he was providing to us was already been in aired from past few hours why he is telling us those statstics ... we respect him and whole nation looks at him with some expectation but there was no such thing on his face ... he concluded that police is taking action and gave some words against terorrism and gone ...

At that time we want to hear some commitment some those words which gave us the feeling of security but its really sad to say that we did not hear those words. I do not know what is happening to this country, few people come to this country they fix the bomb in one city after few days another city and after few days another city ... if there is anything left than blood, dead bodies and people with their injuries.

Next day we will see that government announced few lakhs to the family of those people who died in these bomb blasts.

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