Krishnamachari Srikanth - Unique Chairman of the National Selection committee

Krishnamachari Srikanth
Krishnamachari Srikanth unique player and unique human being. No comparison for him, childish by the heart and tough by brain. Even after so many years after of his retirement from cricket you will find Krishnamachari Srikanth as same enthusiastic person when it come to the matter

So far we have seen so many Chairman of the National Selection committee but Krishnamachari Srikanth is awesome.

I never seen any chairman who cherished the win with the captain of the team like his team member on the ground (when Mahendra Singh Dhoni returning from the ground after win of 2nd test 2008 against Australia, Krishnamachari Srikanth was near boundry line and act like he is the team member of Dhoni), I never seen any chairman who seat with the reserved player near boundary line and share jokes (in 3rd test Australia Vs India 2008, Krishnamachari Srikanth was seating with R P Singh and was sharing jokes and having good time).

So he is our Krishnamachari Srikanth aka Krish, ground to earth and lively person. Krish we love you man.

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