Which laptop you should go for ?

If you are from India and if you are planning to buy laptop for your business or for personal use than here are few companies which you should consider before buying laptop.

# Dell - Dell is the choice of those people who knows laptop very well and using it from very long. Because they know that Laptop of Dell is really hardy and will be with you for long time if not forever.

# Hp - Thanks to sharp marketing and knowing the nerves of Indian consumers. They are really catching the big portion of Indian laptop market. With variety range in their catalogue, Hp is the first choice of Indian consumers.

# Sony Vaio - This is really elegant and soft looking laptop but this have high price tag hence this one itself make a consumer selection.

# Acer - Affordable hence many new laptop users are going for Acer. But however those consumers are willing to shift to another top brands once they have freedom of money.

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