Tough earlier days of AR Murugadoss

Not everyone born with silver spoon in the film industry, however they reached the level of success with their sheer hard labor and dedication and AR Murugadoss is the perfect example of it.

AR Murugadoss born in the poor family of a very small village. From the childhood he had dream to become a film maker and his father supported him till his death. This was for sure that AR Murugadoss have the clear vision of his destination from his childhood.

He started working towards his dream from the very young age by doing odds work and assisting P Kalaimani in scripts. He got the first commercial success in 2001. He always has regrets that his father could not able to see his directed movie.

He saw many rough patch and many negative things in the society and through his movie he is showing that. He was not able to cope up with such tough situation but his hero can do. AR Murugadoss earlier story is quite heart touching and inspirational as well.

According to him Aamir Khan is 100% workaholic and doing his work like a bad habbit whereas Akshay Kumar is sincere and do not take stress too much.

We are wishing huge success to the AR Murugadoss’s movie “Holiday - A Soldier Is Never Off Duty”.

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