Gautam Gulati’s Quality and Skill

Gautam Gulati

Gautam Gulati is the complete package of all kind of entertainments. He can dance, he can sing, he can act and he has 6 packs abs too.

Audiences were unable to see these qualities of Gautam Gulati during his previous soaps and serials. But thanks to Bigg Boss Season 8 and we were able to see that this man possesses so much potential.

He entertains the audience of Bigg Boss 8 throughout and I think that is the reason why he is still in the house even after so many nominations.

Watch the video on Gautam Gulati here

Gautam Gulati as Singer – He can sing well and even Salman Khan accepted this quality of him. In the Bigg Boss 8 he was the lead singer in many occasions and people love it. He sang a song – “We love we love Gauti” and this song is now hot song among young audience.

Gautam Gulati as Dancer – In Bigg Boss, every morning started with a musical song and we saw few amazing dancing talent during it. One of such talent is Gautam Gulati, he does some amazing moves and we love it.

Gautam Gulati’s Drama – May be he is playing with honesty but during few episodes we noticed Gautam Gulati’s drama. With that we can say that yes he can do all dramas and act too.

Gautam Gulati as an Actor – His first movie Darpok (Coward) was filmed on Cannes film festival and he was the first Indian television artist who walks the red carpet.

We hope that with so much talent, Gautam Gulati will touch the new heights of success in his professional and personal life as well.

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