How to make fathers day special?

19th June is only few days away. Do you have any plan for this year father’s day? If not, then let us help you with few below options –

Rent or buy his favorite movie: Movie is always a great time pass for male creature, this one include your father too. So fix all the speakers, buy his favorite movie cd, prepare popcorns and coffee and let’s watch together.

His favorite match: We male love sports. And if any match or tournament is going on of his favorite sports then make sure that you watch that together. Believe me he is going to keep these moments close to his heart forever.

Funny fathers day cards

Funny fathers day cards: Men has amazing sense of humor compare to women. So if you are thinking that about any funny fathers day cards then this will be a perfect choice to start father day. If you do not have proper father's day card ideas then youtube has many videos on it.

Riding motor bike with him: If your father loves riding bike or roaming around then start your motor bikes and go for a long ride. Spend sunrise and sunset with him.

The basic thing is to spend quality time with your father on this day. Both of you will remember this day for many years to come.

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