Big Boss 2 – Reality Show with real drama

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Just think about it …

# Big Brother (UK version) celebrity Shilpa Shetty launched the show – Big Boss 2 got the attraction

# Jade Goody – Only foreigner took part in the show, she was already in news because of racism comments. Walked out because of Cancer disease – Big Boss 2 got the sympathy

# One politician unhappy because other one got the ticket woopss I mean get the chance to enter into Big Boss house, big drama and glass breaking – Big Boss 2 got the political touch

And above all news channel broadcast this news with high flash ... mission of getting publicity and attraction for Big Boss 2 accomplish.

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  1. Message for Big boss Season 2
    Hi, this is Veena from Bhuj. This reality show is good, however, I feel that these 14 contestants should be involved in some philaonthrophic work like servicing at some orphanage, old age home, healing centre, etc. It appears that you are wasting human resources by fixing such talented people in big boss house. In four corners of the house what can people do, just play politics and do brain washing. I was a regular watcher of Big boss I, however, now its not coming too good. As the country is going through unexpected series of mishappening like bomb blast everyone in the country is after the news channels and have plans to help some or the other way. Please dont waste time to such talented people. they could do wounders somewhere else.


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