Iphone launched in India

When almost whole world enjoyed this iphone and come to know about drawbacks (more than benefit) than its launching in India and also with the price tag of 30k(30,000) to 36k. People already lost their interest by watching iphone and again and again on television and various websites.

Although every product from the Apple Factory is really a master piece and that's why Apple is one of the top company in innovator list but however people who want to use iphone already have used it by buying through US. UK or other avaialable market.

Now only those person who were unable to purchase iphone early will buy it. But however those who have used iphone will tell you 10 eligible reason to buy iphone but with that they will tell you further 20 more reasons to avoid this handsets.

Its really interesting to see that when Indian market king Nokia can provide more features base phone in just 20k than why should people is going to buy iphone and that also with these drawbacks -

  • Iphone have typical SMS style (In 12 Hours you wont able to send 24 sms)
  • With iphone you are unable to share your pics with bluetooth
  • We are habituate of dropping mobile handsets but if you once dropped iphone its dead
  • Only two service provider Airtel and Vodafone
  • Apple can change the battery of iphone only
  • Substitute parts is not available like of Nokia
  • There are many other drawbacks as well
With the current scenario I think Airtel and Vodafone will have tough time for iphone.



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