Boxer Akhil Kumar new hope of India for Medal

Boxer Akhil Kumar won the nail biting fight against world champion Sergey Vodopyanov of Russia. Frankly speaking win against world champion is really vital and this kind of win really boost any ones confidence and I am sure morale of Akhil Kumar is really at top ...

This was the fight for nerve as well in the begining round Akhil kumar was loosing but he fought back in last few rounds and hit straight punches on the target and forced judges to announce the result in his favour.

After beating from Akhil Kumar Sergey Vodopyanov was in tears and never belived that he lost the fight.

Lets cross our finger and expect for a medal from the boxing criteria.

In the boxing category India have the hope to win the medal as two other boxer ... Jitender Kumar and Vijender Kumar is also performing well and August 16th will be crucial day for India.

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