Mark Spitz - King of Water

If today everyone is talking about Michael Fred Phelps than just because of Mark Spitz whose 36 years record broke today. Mark Spitz a legend and under 50 top greatest athelets of the world at 33rd rank by ESPN in 1999.

Event Results
4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal
100 m freestyle Gold Medal
200 m freestyle
Gold Medal
4 x 200 m freestyle relay Gold Medal
200 m butterfly Gold Medal
100 m butterfly Gold Medal

Mark Spitz retired at the very young age i.e., only 22 years of age and also give a try to come back to the olympic in 1992 Barcelona olympic when he was 41 years of age. Reason behind this try was Bud Greenspan who offered Mark Spitz million dollar if he qualify for the olympic. He failed to qualify but however his records was better than his past records.

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