Prince of Water - Michael Fred Phelps

Michael Fred Phelps (Born on June 30, 1985) - Every USA expected that Michael Fred Phelps is going to beijing to break the records of their another USA swimmer Mark Spitz. No body even think about Michael Phelps defeat because they knew it he will win but the main point of attraction was breaking the records of 6 GOLD MEDAL in a single olympic event made in 1972 in Munich Olympic by Mark Spitz.

On August 16th after winning the 4 X 100 m medley relay he set the world record of winning 7 gold medals in a single olympic event beating the last world record of 6 gold medals by Mark Spitz.

Phelps set the world records in his 6 compettion and in 1 he set the olympic records as well. In last summer olympic Athens 2004 he won the 6 gold medals and miss this opportumity by 1 Gold medal but this time his past experience really helped him a lot and he is able to beat the records.

Here is the details of Phelps win in Beijing 2008

Event Results Time
August 10 400 m individual medley Gold Medal,W R 4:03.84
August 11 4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal,W R 3:08.24
August 12 200 m freestyle Gold Medal,W R 1:42.96
August 13 200 m butterfly Gold Medal, W R 1:52.03
August 13 4 x 200 m freestyle relay Gold Medal, W R 6:58.56
August 15 200 m individual medley Gold Medal, W R 1:54.23
August 16 100 m butterfly Gold Medal, O R 50.58
August 17 4 x 100 m medley relay

Gold Medal, W R

W R = World Records
O R = Olympic Record

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