Indians cant be terrorist ... here are the reasons.

  • We believe in late arrival custom and hence miss the flights
  • To bring the attention to ourselves we talk loudly
  • Free things always attract us and hence we will forget our main aim.
  • We use our hand more than our tongue while talking so we can not hold the weapons
  • We wont miss a chance to fly the plane
  • We believe in arguments and hence end up in argument fight but no dhisum dham
  • We can’t digest anything and our mother/wife/sister will broadcast our plan before one week
  • We do not forget to show our patriotism and always carry our flags
  • We will postpone our even marriage plan if India is going to play the cricket match
  • We do not miss any chance to come in camera and hence will fall on hostage while photo session is going on with hostages.

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