Sachin Tendulkar is now on target of JeM

SSachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar most respected sports man of Indian soil get threats from JeM (Jash e Mohammed). Because of this extra security provided to Sachin Tendulkar and special arrangment for the ongoing test series against Australia.

4th Test match against Australia is going to play in Nagpur from November 6th and Nagpur Police commissioner, Pravin Dixit confirmed "We have received information from the Centre on a possible threat to Sachin Tendulkar from Jaish-e-Mohammed. Following which we have tightened the security in and around the stadium and have provided extra cover for Sachin Tendulkar."

Earlier Sachin Tendulkar told about his security in India "I don't think, it bothers us. It is our home-land, in our homeland, no one can harm us. We've got full confidence that nothing bad and untoward will happen during the series. This is our home-land, so we should feel free to move wherever and whenever we want to."

Sachin Tendulkar also received such kind of threat in 2007 when West Indies team were on tour of India.

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