Terrorist - started to thinking as an economist

People came from sea route spreaded in Mumbai and open fire on innocent civilians. I do not know what they want to prove.

They entered in seven star hotels and looking for American and British citizens. If they want to search for British and Americans than go their respective countries they will find them in more quantity than here. Here again ... I do not know what they want to prove.

They just target the people and spread the felling of terror ... spread the feeling of fear ... as a result
  • Stock market closed for one day.
  • Cricket assignments and tournaments cancelled ...
  • Indian tourism will effect.
  • Targetted seven star hotels so that big corporate events will not take place in India.
  • Spreading the message that India is not the safest place.
All these actions and consequences clearly showing that they had the plan to hammer the economy of India and clearly saying that India is not the safe place to do the business ...

And I think this time they got the success as well. I am feeling shame to say that yes I am afraid from this cowards even we have brave soldiers and commandoes.

Now this is really dangerous than terrorist started to thinking as an economist.

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