Cricket Presenter - Who is your favourite ?

This is not at all new when India tour New Zealand and I fix the alarm at 3.00 AM so that I can see the match. So this time also for ongoing test series I fixed the alram at such time. Woke up, brushed teeth, make a two cup of tea (nope no one is there except me, just to avoid to make again) and seat in front of television and searched for Set Max.

As the telecast start I saw Charu Sharma and Arun Lal ... boy what a terrible presentation with lots of Aaaa ... yes ... you are right again Aaaaaa ... at that moment one thing strike to me ... I wish Harsha should be here to present this series. I am die hard fan of Harsha (I am sure you guys are also) and the way he explain everything without breaking a single word, his sense of humour and great chemistry with his fellow presenter made TV shows more livelly and treat to watch. Their Co Presenter are also great cricketer like Sunny, Ravi, Wasim and others, not like Arun Lal, Atul Wasan, Nikhil Chopra.

But I think new presenter Mr. Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan of Neo Sports is also doing a great job and forced people to watch his shows with some intelligent and spot question.

So guys there are three main cricket Presenter -

Harsha Bhogle

Radhakrishnan Sreenivasan

Charu Sharma

So, who is your favourite anchor ?

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