Angry - Throw shoes on politician

Now a days throwing shoes on politician is a hot trend. P Chidambaram is the latest victim of this when a sikh journalist Mr. Jarnail Singh from Dainik Jagaran throw shoes on P Chidambaram.

P Chidambaram was attending a press conference and Jarnail Singh was seating in the first row. Jarnail Singh throw shoes on P Chidambaram but he missed the target. This whole episode took place because Jagadish Tytler got the clean cheat from CBI for the 1984 Anti Sikh riot.

P Chidambaram was unable to give the proper answer on Jagadish Tytler issue since CBI also come under the home ministry. P Chidambaram was appointed home minister after the Mumbai Taj attack. Jarnail Singh was keep asking why such judgment came just before the election.

P Chidambaram is the most respected and clear mind politician of today's era.

Trend of throwing shoes come in action when an Iraqi journalist throw shoes on George W Bush and after that a lady throw shoes on a judge and now this latest incidence.

If this will keep coming than I am sure in coming days journalist will allow to get entry on press conference hall after taking off their shoes only.

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