ATM Usage of any bank

Recently RBI (Reserve Bank of India) announced that account holder of bank can use any bank's ATM machine without any banking charges. This was great news and I was happy that I do not have to go far to save my Rs. 20/-

So on 1st April I want to just give a try to this with the risk of Rs. 20/-. I opened a gate of an ATM of near by bank, chilled air conditioner's air welcomed me. I opened my wallet and pull out my State Bank of India's ATM card (because SBI have maximum ATM and that was the reason of opening account at there) and insert on ATM slot. Press the required buttons and when finished I was waiting to hear the music of money counting. But instead of that I saw a slip came out and was showing message - UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST.

I want to give it a try to other bank as I want to reach at the conclusion. So I repeated the same procedure in other bank's ATM. But Alias ... same message again ... UNABLE TO PROCESS YOUR REQUEST.

So guys are you also getting similar kind of message slip from other bank. They have announced but I think there is some fishy out there.

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