Secret of Alia Bhatt fresh look

Being fit and sexy is not an easy thing to do especially when one is expected to be skinny and perfect in the Bollywood industry. Even with Alia Bhatt age, she still had to make sure that she as fit as she can be. And the fact that she was fat when she was younger, she had to work extra with the help of her fitness mentor, Karan Johar, who created her entire diet and workout program.

The workout program is composed of cardio exercises and yoga. Alia goes to the gym around 3 to 4 days weekly where she conducts her cardio exercises composed of running on a treadmill, lunges, crunches, push-ups, curls and squats. She also does a bit of a jogging. Besides the cardio exercises, she also indulged herself in different energetic activities like dancing in the forms of ballet and kathak, kickboxing and swimming. She also does ashtanga yoga twice a week. All these activities and the entire program helped Alia lost 16 kgs, just in the span of 3 months. This is why Alia Bhaat weight is as it is right now at 54 kg. or 119 lbs.

Besides the exercise routine she follows a strict diet. She follows the SFF (small frequent feeding) system. She eats every two hours but in small units. She sticks with leafy vegetables, salad, yogurt, fiber-filled food and fruits as well as a low carb diet. She increases her water intake to keep herself hydrated. And with following this diet program, she also has to avoid junk and oily food.

Looking at her now, her weight is more proportionate to Alia Bhatt height which makes her so good to look at. Until now, she was able to maintain her fit and toned body and get by in the industry by following a similar dieting and exercise program.

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