Secret of Deepika Padukone glowing skin

What Keeps DeepikaPadukone Looking Young and Fresh

Deepika Padukone is one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood at the present. And holding that title meant more than just taking the usual bath and soap regimen like normal people do. And in Deepika Padukone age, she would need more than just that to stay and still hold that title proudly.

Despite being born with naturally flawless skin, she follows a certain routine to keep it the way it is. She uses the usual cleansers, toners and moisturizers like a normal skin-caring person. She makes it a point to apply as little makeup as she could to let her skin breathe and even not wearing any for regular days. After a shoot, she makes sure to remove all traces of makeup and thoroughly cleanses her face before going to bed. But even though she maintains a daily skincare routine, she emphasizes on not overdoing the rituals.

Working out regularly, always being hydrated and eating a balanced diet do not only maintain Deepika Padukone weight but also help in her overall skin health. Any intake will always reflect in the outer appearance of a person. Healthier food intake would mean healthier-looking skin.

Overall appearance would not only include skincare but also healthcare and Deepika takes care of both aspects. Besides her skin, Deepika’s hair is also something notable.With a lot of hair treatments needed for photo-shoots and taping, her hair receives the worse from these treatments. With this in mind, she makes sure to have hair oil massages weekly. In addition with daily conditioner, she uses heat-resistance spray to try to minimize her hair damages as much as she can.

Together with Deepika Padukone height, her overall appearance resulting from her skincare and healthcare regimens are worth commending. She takes care of herself in the best way she can which is why she’s in the list of the prettiest faces in Bollywood.

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